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Mike Brewer

Mike Brewer | Visionary/CEO

  • Founded company in 1990
  • Over 40 years industry experience
  • Architect of company’s business model and growth strategy

Michael founded Brewer Enterprises in 1990 and brings over 40 years of plumbing industry experience to the company. In addition to being the company’s strategic visionary, Michael oversees all aspects of the business and has been instrumental in architecting the strategy that has led Brewer Enterprises to become the largest residential plumbing contractor in Arizona.

Michael is devoted to the contracting industry, currently serving as President of the American Subcontractors Association of Arizona (ASAA), the Vice President of Arizonans for Fair Contracting (AFC) board, and is past chair of the steering committee for the Build Your Future Arizona ( initiative. He has served on the Board of Directors of ASAA since 2015. He is also a member of the National Association of Home Builders, Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contracts Association (PHCC), and the Home Builders of Central Arizona (HBACA), of which he served on the Board of Directors for four years.  Michael was instrumental in building the relationship and pulling together the South Mountain Community College – CTE Program. He is also a charter member of the Franchise Advisory Council/Leadership Team for Clockworks Home Services, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s parent, sitting on that national team for over six years. He is a student of the Aji Network.

Tim Snyder

Tim Snyder | Integrator/President

  • Joined in 2007, following merger of company he founded in 2002
  • 20 years industry experience
  • Responsible for Leadership Companywide

Tim joined the company in 2007.  As President, Tim oversees daily operations companywide and also serves as the chief integrator for the businesses. Prior to his 20 year career in the plumbing industry, Tim’s background was in the software industry where he served in various sales and relationship management roles. Tim is a member of several industry organizations such as the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona, American Subcontractor Association of Arizona, Southwest Construction Leadership Group, Southern Arizona Home Builders Association, Arizona Contractors Association and the South Mountain Community College – CTE Program.

Kevin McEuen

Kevin McEuen | “Executive VP, Finance & Accounting/CFO

  • Joined in 2006
  • 20 years of CFO experience
  • Responsible for Finance & Shared services

Kevin joined the company in 2006 as its first Chief Financial Officer with responsibility for the finance and accounting functions as well as shared services. He was instrumental in the companies’ navigation of the Great Recession. Following a one year hiatus where he was Chief Financial Officer of a non-competing firm in the construction industry, Kevin rejoined the company in 2016 where he has helped to craft the company’s 10 year strategic objectives. He is a member of the Enterprise Fleet Management National Client Advisory Board. He is a student of the Aji Network.

Leger Stecker

Leger Stecker | Executive Vice President, Operations

  • Joined in 2009
  • 26 years industry experience
  • Responsible for design and execution of innovation and technical capabilities

Leger joined the company in 2009 and oversees all aspects of the organization’s technical and operational strategy; including technology, design & engineering, logistics & scheduling and warranty. He has over 26 years of experience in the construction industry, including leading the design and management of buildTEK, a trade alliance between plumbing, concrete and framing trade contractors which led to an improvement in cycle times from 70 to 21 days, saving customers an estimated $1.2 million in carrying costs on just over 100 homes. He is a student of the Aji Network.

Steve Baum

Steve Baum | Executive Vice President, Construction

  • Joined in 2019
  • Over 20 years industry experience
  • Responsible for strategy & execution of field operations

Steve joined the company in 2019. He oversees field operations, including project execution, budget development and accountability, safety, quality, training and customer relations. Prior to joining the company, Steve served in operational roles with two Phoenix area homebuilders where he delivered tangible results such as reductions in cycle times, reductions in BTA spending and improvements in customer satisfaction scores. He is a member of several industry organizations, such as Home Builders Association of Central Arizona, where he is the Co-Chairman of the Subcontractor Safety Committee; American Subcontractor Association of America; Southwest Construction Leadership Group; and Steve was instrumental in developing the South Mountain Community College – CTE Program.