At the Brewer Companies we have a wide assortment of opportunities to build your career in the Trades!

If you’re just getting started, you may want to consider our Brewer Craftsman Academy (BCA) for a career in Residential New Construction (RNC). Or our Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – BBI career path, where we train you for a career in residential service and repair.

If you’re an established tradesperson and already know the plumbing trade, we literally have unlimited opportunities for careers and advancement, whether its Residential or Commercial you are skilled in.

  • Brewer Companies
    • To begin with we want to let you know that all of the Brewer Companies below have manager and staff positions available with career paths leading to high level opportunities. In a recent meeting of over 80 managers and staff the question was asked of everyone, “who was in a different position than what they started in at the companies.” 70+ plus hands went up! That speaks to the longevity of our employee’s but also the many different career paths that you may choose.
  • Brewer Enterprises
    • This is our residential new construction company. We are the largest plumbing company in the state building in both the Phoenix and Tucson markets and everywhere in between. We are always looking to add to our team in every phase and function. Whether you are a Plumber, Manager, Warranty Tech, or have an eye for our quality team we are always hiring.
  • Brewer Commercial
    • Our commercial offer is wide ranging. From new build outs to tenant improvement, service and repair or drain cleaning/hydro-tech work, we cover it all. We are always looking to continue to build a Team of committed employees.
  • Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
    • This is our residential Service and Repair company, with a special interest in respecting our customers homes and more importantly their time. Where else does a company pay their customers $5 for every minute they are late to an appointment. That’s our commitment, tying back into our core values. We are growing and have big plans for the future. With this growth emphasis, we are looking for the best Technicians and have a lucrative pay scale unmatched by anyone else in the market.

If you’re interested in working with the best, you’ve found your home. If our core values trigger you and you want to be a part of something special, respected for your skills and with unlimited opportunities to grow your career, we invite you to join us and become part of the BREWER FAMILY!

Available Positions